Customized security services to let your event run smoothly

Event Security is about creating an environment that is welcoming and inviting and having the experience to handle any situation professionally.


Corporate Meetings – Event Services


Cypress has expertise providing security for corporate events, Corporate Meetings, annual fairs, music festivals, sporting events, grand openings, and other events that attract any number of people. Events are often a big part of any community and we have the infrastructure to provide high quality event security at any events across California, Seattle and Las Vegas.

A key consideration for event security is the high level of public interaction and, at most events, our guards are dealing with a couple thousand people or more. Since event security is really about interacting with our clients’ customers, we create an environment that’s inviting and welcoming, yet professionally curated.

All events are unique, being so, we start the process by doing a site walkthrough with the event organizer to ensure we create a custom security plan to best fit their needs. This plan will make sure we utilize the officers to best support the event. As all events are ever changing our onsite supervisors are trained to handle any situation and redirect guards as needed. This along with our highly trained guards in customer service, crowd management, and safety helps provide peace of mind for everyone involved in the event.


  • Festivals
  • Parks
  • Convention centers
  • Hotels
  • Movie festivals
  • Commercial/residential buildings
  • Private/corporate parties


Listed below are some of the many event protection services that we provide.


  • Access control
  • Alcohol management
  • Artist escorts
  • Badge checkers/Greeters
  • Entrance security screening
  • Floor/stage security
  • Incident documentation
  • Patron removal
  • Perimeter security
  • Response/roam team


  • Ushers
  • Line control
  • Ticket takers
  • Parking lot guides
  • Guest services


  • Perimeter control
  • Threat assessment
  • Body guards
  • Crowd control
  • Extended duty